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A Faith-Based Breast Cancer Support Ministry

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About United4theCause

United4theCause is a non-profit organization founded by Karen White, Ed.D. Her journey to building the organization began May 10, 2011 when diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) at age 51. In response to Karen's diagnosis she began researching best treatment options and survival strategies. Karen found TNBC to be a new and aggressive form of breast cancer that disproportionately impacts African American women. Tall, short, skinny or fluffy women with big or small girls (breasts) can be diagnosed with breast cancer. Women ages 13 to 91 have been diagnosed with TNBC. Why? No one knows. What we know for sure, TNBC is aggressive. Early detection is the key and if diagnosed, one must take action. Characteristics of TNBC are unique as this breast cancer subtype does not have the traditional biomarkers (Hormones -ESTROGEN, PROGESTROGEN, and HER2) that is typically found in other cancers. Successful treatment for TNBC consists of the 3-PUNCH KNOCKOUT- chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. After extensive research, meeting with numerous oncologists, surgery, 8 rounds of chemotherapy, and 30 radiation sessions. Karen is a 13 year Triple Negative Breast Cancer Survivor. Praise God!!!

Thankful to God for the miracle of restoring her health, Karen is dedicated to sharing her testimony and serving others as a Cancer Care Minister. She has a passion for educating women on breast cancer awareness, preventive measures via motivational speaking engagements, individual coaching and facilitating a monthly support group. Additionally, Karen is a trained/pending certified Christian Life Coach with a specialty niche in Women - Breast Cancer Survival, Leadership Development, achieving Life Goals. Karen has also served as a Hospital Chaplain under the Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program.

United4theCause, a faith based breast cancer organization is committed to raising breast cancer awareness, promoting early detection, saving lives and supporting TNBC research studies. United4theCause philosophy of service is built on the By Our Love model (designed by our founder) and the Ministry of Healing book.

United4theCause has a Board of Directors consisting of ex officio Board Members, God-fearing survivors, supporters, and health and administrative professionals. United also has 25 chapters (located from the California North to the Tennessee border) comprised of dedicated members engaged to achieve United's mission by showing servantship: compassionate care, empathetic listening and understanding and total presence to those on the cancer journey.


United4theCAUSE is a faith based ministry support group for individuals impacted by breast cancer and cancer subtypes. United’s mission is to educate, elevate, and empower.

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Resources and Forms

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Need a speaker on breast cancer awareness? To invite Dr.White or a representative from UNITED click HERE

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Women’s Tuneup

This digital resource packet was presented at our 9th Annual Retreat and consists of resources beneficial to the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional parts of life. Click HERE

Words of Life

This resource is a list of books helpful for the breast cancer journey and improving quality of life. Click HERE

Donation Form

Looking to trim your tax bill for 2023? United4theCause, is a 501c3 charitable organization and donations assist breast cancer patients in obtaining the best level of care and services. Click HERE

United Provides...


UNITED’s weekly prayer call is a time to share heart-felt concerns, petition requests to God, and encourage each other on the pink journey.


UNITED provides cancer patients with wisdom to make decisions regarding treatment options. United also shows emotional support by offering Caching, weekly support meetings and annual retreats.


Through monthly webinars, UNITED promotes community awareness of breast health care, daily maintenance, preventive measures, monthly self-breast examinations, annual mammograms, and early detection as key components to ultimately enhance the quality of life and increase survivorship. Special trainings are also provided.

Financial Resources

We will notify survivors of available survivor grants and UNITED scholarships.

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Upcoming events

Sunday morning prayer call at 6am PDT

Meeting ID:921 5914 4309



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Upcoming events


Annual Retreat!

Sept 13-15, 2024 at the Pacific ​Union Conference Office

Registration opens July 2024


Retreat Registration Checklist

  1. Registration Link: Click HERE

2. Zelle registration fee of $100 to ​

3. Check out ​ ​and click on the “10th Annual ​Retreat” collection for new United ​apparel

4. For those needing a hotel, be sure ​to use the hotel list and discount ​codes on the flyer.

Gallery and Media

Here are some snapshots of our Annual Retreats and other events over United’s 10 years of service. A replay of our 9th Annual Retreat and other videos can soon be accessed on our Youtube page.

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Wonderfully Made

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Wonderfully Made Stitch Creations is United4theCAUSE’s store through which all UNITED apparel and products can be purchased.


UNITED members don our shirts during our Annual Retreats, throughout the year for special occasions, and/or to encourage others to elevate, educate, and empower.

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Curious about other Wonderfully Made products?

Tumblers, sweatshirts, beanies, custom towel sets and other custom apparel can be purchased through the Wonderfully Made store.

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United’s Beloved

Join us in remembering our loved ones who have fought a good fight and are resting now in Jesus Christ. May they forever be held close in our hearts:

Our Sister Billie Scott - June 10, 2018

​Our Brother Richard Matthew Johnson - May 8, 2018

Our Sister Ms. Vernelle Lee Guthery - December 6, 2017

Our Sister Trenica Belton - March 22, 2017

Our Sister Lissette Rodriguez-Tejeda - October 16, 2016

Our Sister Lori Ridgeway - September 27, 2016

Our Sister Velda (Debbie) Cobb-Brown - December 1, 2015

Our Sister Bobbie Vaughn - November 25, 2015

Our Sister Chinedu Nwaigwe - July 15, 2015

Our Sister Beth Helm - January 2014

Our Sister Etta Joyce Evans - November 2012

Our Sister Christy Anne Macias

To add the name of a loved one to our memorial wall, please access our contact page to enter the required information (name, month and year of passing).

May God bless you as we wait patiently for the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ when we will be joined with our dear love ones forevermore!


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Phone Number (707) 330 1890